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Recycled Records is a unique record store with an extensive library of new and used vinyl records, as well as hundreds of compact discs. Our store is divided by genre and catalogued in alphabetical order by artist for easy perusal. Our mission is to create a casual environment in which customers can delve into the wealth of music housed within our store. Stop by today and make sure you allot a significant amount of time because there is so much to see; our most common comment besides “wow”, is “I need to come back with more time!” 

Our record albums include but are not limited to: jazz, blues, soundtracks, world, classical, children, comedy, pop, classic rock n’ roll, metal, hip-hop, indie, bluegrass, country, folk, punk rock and reggae. Within these genres have one-of-a-kind albums, audiophile editions, and master recordings.

We carry Audio-Technica and other well respected brands of turntables, speakers and amplifiers, which we are happy to demo for any interested customers. 

Having a large well-stocked storefront, we’re happy to help you find what you are looking for. We pride ourselves in carrying high quality “recycled” and new vinyl and compact discs, providing a quality product to the audiophile community.

What Makes Us Stand Out

Recycled Records has a huge selection of over 100,00 new and used vinyl records and CDs. Our used vinyl records are ultrasonically cleaned with the Clear Audio Double Matrix UltraSonic cleaner and are closely inspected for any damage before being placed on the floor. We don’t sell anything quality wise that we wouldn’t want in our own collection! If a record does not play as expected, please bring it back for an exchange.



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Vinyl & CD’s

We specialize in used and new vinyl records, as well as used compact discs.

Great vinyls and cds. Really cool owner. Also has an assortment of audio equipment. Really good for finding retro records and compact discs. Very good pricing as well. Just a cool shop to visit.

Eric Wagers

This store has a lot of new and used vinyl records to choose from. The also sell CD'S and some sound equipment like turntables and reel to reel tape recorders. This store should always be worth a good look for the vinyl records enthusiasts.

Richard Pressley

Top notch record store at St Vrain Centre! So friendly & willing to help you find anything. Huge selection, a great environment to browse and hang out. Loved it!!!

Jasmine Chiang

My teen age son and I have been going to Recycled Records for some time now, great selection of vinyl, very good selection of CDs. We buy mostly CDs. We can always find something we don't have yet. New location is much better than the old downtown store. Very good selection of new and used turn tables and pre-owned audio.

Richard Hatanaka

ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL PLACE! Been going here since before they moved from downtown area. Selection is gigantic and varied, with even a corner for 1/4 inch tape selection (rare to see these days). If its a weird record you may find it as I've been surprised more then three times while looking about. They recently expanded their Record Player/Amplifier selection for getting you started on a good note. Players range from vintage to modern.


A great store with an awesome and eclectic collection of music, posters, and equipment. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but it's nice to put my hands on what I'm about to buy.

Ryen Schimerman

Huge Selection

We have one the largest new and used selections of vinyl records and CDs in the area. Whether it’s new vinyl pressings, or original rare pressings, we stock a large assortment of releases from recording artists from the past century.

New and Used Equipment

Recycled Records carries a variety of new and used turntables and audio equipment for sale. From simple desktop speakers to vintage amplifier receivers, we can help you put a great sounding system together.

Poster Selection

Are you looking for a rare concert or movie poster? Look no further! Our store walls are adorned with limited edition posters and rare album artwork for your viewing pleasure! 

UltraSonic Cleaning

We want you to have the best listening experience possible. Most of our used vinyl records are professionally cleaned by our $6,000 Clear Audio Double Matrix UltraSonic cleaner!

Knowledgeable Staff

Our staff is welcoming and knowledgeable. They’re available to answer all of your audio music questions, help you locate items in the store, or assist in building that perfect audio system.

Sell Your Records

Do you have a bunch of used vinyl and or CDs taking up room? Gain back storage space and make some money or get store credit. Call us at (720) 291-700 to set up a time to bring your collection by!

Recycled Records carries a full display of new and demo turntables to test. From entry-level to audiophile, our selection of audio equipment is sure to please a wide range of audio listeners. For maintenance, we carry Ortofon and Audio-Technica cartridges that are compatible with the new turntables we sell.

We are open 6 days a week.

Tuesday – Friday: 11am to 6pm
Saturday: 10am to 6pm
Sunday: 12pm to 5pm

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Hover St. #C, Longmont CO, 80501



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